This Baby Stuff is Too Stinkin’ Cute

I was going through all my crafty magazines today and doing a little organizing when I ran across some old Martha Stewart Baby magazines. I remember buying the first one  when we decided that we were ready to have a baby and the other two after I found out I was pregnant. It still makes me giddy to see all the adorable baby things – even after I am so over having babies.

Martha Stewart Baby (Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Spring 2003)

Looking back through these Martha Stewart Special Issues, my love for Martha Stewart is renewed. She and her awesome staff have such a way of creating timeless projects. The decorating ideas in these issues are as stylish today as they were eight years ago. I don’t know if it’s even possible to obtain the back issues (Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Spring 2003), but there are lots of great baby projects on

Martha Stewart Baby (Fall 2002)

If you or anyone you know is having a baby soon, Martha has some great birth announcement ideas. You may think that it’s just a big pain in the butt, especially after just having a baby, to make your own announcements, but with a little planning ahead before the baby is born, it can easily be done. I found it quite gratifying to make my own for both my kids. I felt like I was putting my special touch on the announcements and adding a little personality to them. These magazines gave me the inspiration for my kids announcements.

Martha Stewart Baby (Spring 2002)

Martha Stewart Baby (Spring 2002)

For my son’s announcement, I made “business cards” with all his vital statistics and used brads to attach them to cardstock which I had printed my son’s footprint on (I scanned in the footprint that the hospital had made right after he was born). I had pictures of him printed out, punched a hole in the top of each, and attached it to the back of the card with the brad. My son kept the nickname “Big Baby” for a long time  – that was his “title” on his business card.

My son's birth announcement

For my daughter’s announcement, I went for a little more girly. I bought precut square paper that I think is made for scrapbooking. It came in a pack that had about six different patterns, all in pink and brown motifs. I used a punch to make the holes for the ribbon that I used to attach the vital statistics card on the front and a picture of her on the back. The pink paper I used had a bit of a sparkly shine to it that made printing on it a bit tricky. The paper went through the printer just fine, but it took a few minutes for the ink to dry. I had to lay each page out individually to dry so that ink wouldn’t smudge. In the end, I really liked the way it turned out.

My daughter's birth announcement

My baby days are over, but I don’t know if I can bear to give these issues up. There will always be gifts to be made, right?!


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