Thanks for the Thanks, Boden!

Have you ever had a customer service experience that you had to tell someone about? Usually it’s a bad experience that makes me want to tell the whole world, but this time it’s a good one – a simple unexpected gesture that really put a smile on my face.

Here’s what happened. I bought a great jacket and a couple camis from Boden not too long ago. After receiving my order, I got an email from Boden asking me to take an online survey about my order. Easy enough. I took the survey and was honest about having a bit of trouble entering a coupon code but said I was impressed at the speed of response to my email inquiry about the situation – which I really was.

About two weeks after taking the survey, I went to mailbox and pulled out a postcard of a couple cute girls in front of a windmill. “Who went on a trip and sent me a postcard,” I thought to myself. I flipped it over and saw that it was Boden, thanking me for taking the survey. A handwritten note from Nicole. Handwritten. Whaaaat? Boden actually appreciated the survey results enough to have their employees write thank yous. Unbelieveable.

I will definitely be buying from Boden again – I probably would have anyway, but I certainly wouldn’t have written about it! Good job, Boden!



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4 responses to “Thanks for the Thanks, Boden!

  1. Bluebaby

    Am pleased to hear of your experience and not suprised, Ive used Boden for about 10 years for my kids, and the customer services is the best on the net. Their staff know everything!! they know about fabric s, colours etc, Ive never asked a question they couldnt answer, Ive changed orders that Ive messed up and they sort it no problem, the clothes are brilliant, but the customer service for me is the best, the people they employ are great, they are always friendly, the phone is always answered straight away, they know the meaning of customer service.

    • avordermark

      Great to know that this wasn’t a one time thing! I’m sure I’ll be a long time customer like you now!

  2. I have been buying clothes from Boden for about 5 years and have been impressed by their service. In fact, I don’t know how they do it, but they manage to give the impression of being a small company that really cares.

  3. natalieckennedy

    That’s quite amazing! I’m glad to hear it, because I just placed my very first order with them a few minutes ago.

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