Love the Wearable Junk

I live in a little town in Oregon called Sherwood. I love it because it is close enough to downtown Portland (about 25 minutes) to go there for shopping and restaurants but far enough away that I don’t consider it a suburb – there is open space and farms in between Sherwood and other Portland suburbs, so I like to think we are out here on our own.

One of the charming things about Sherwood is that each month inside the Rebekah Hall in downtown, with is about 3 blocks long, a flea market is held. It’s usually the same folks there each month, but I can’t help myself – I have to go every month just to see what new treasures are there to be found – plus it’s fun to talk to the nice old ladies about their goodies.

About a year ago, I went to the flea market with my daughter who was almost two at the time. Being in a “must buy all adorable girl clothes” state of mind, I saw this wonderful vintage girls’ tweed coat. I LOVE children’s clothes that look like mini-adult clothes, and this fit the bill perfectly.

And the best part…it was only $5. Yes, $5, and the vendor “threw in” the cute yellow hanger. The coat has a beautiful quilted lining that has a brown and purple iridescence to it and wooden buttons. There are no labels on the inside so I don’t know where it originally came from.

My daughter is now wearing a size 4T, and it fits well. The only unfortunate part is that the Oregon winter has been so mild that she hasn’t had a chance to wear it much.

But even as she outgrows it, I think I’m going to have to keep it and just hang it up on a pretty hook like art.



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4 responses to “Love the Wearable Junk

  1. Aww cute jacket! looks lovely and warm! could do with that overhere at the minute, i dont think its topped 5degrees celsius since november! brrrrrr

  2. I love that jacket! And I love your new header pic. I think I was with you when you took it!

    • avordermark

      Yes, Secret Mommy, you were with me when I took that pic! It was when we went out to Pumpkin Ridge for a meeting – good memory!

  3. I’ve never seen a kids jacket like that, wow! Cute with jeans if the weather gets cold. Sounds like your summers are like ours.

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