Color of the Year in My Boy’s Room

I saw that Pantone has declared Turquoise (more specifically 15-5519) the 2010 Color of the Year. I don’t mean to brag, but I saw that coming. OK, not really, but I did paint my son’s room a nice shade of Turquoise last summer – much to the dismay of my husband.

Emerson, who is 6, helped me choose the color for his new room. We switched him to the former guest room, his sister to his old room, and the guest room to her old room – all because she out grew the crib and was in need of a bigger bedroom.

Anyhoo…my husband thought our color choice was not a good one. But I now feel vindicated as the all-knowing color authority has named it Color of the Year. Hubby was also a little hesitant at my choice to paint one whole wall with black chalkboard paint. I thought it would cool – thinking back to when I was a kid and loved playing school with my stuffed animals.

As it turns out the chalkboard wall doesn’t get used quite as much as I imagined it would; however, just last week Emerson played school with his newly-turned-3 sister and was teaching her the alphabet, counting to 100 by 1s, 5s and 10s – all by writing on the wall. He said he was happy that he’s the one who gets to teach her how to read. I’m just glad that he’s happy that he’s learning to read (It’s been a struggle).

Have you painted any colors on walls that others thought you were crazy for using? I’d love to hear your stories!



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4 responses to “Color of the Year in My Boy’s Room

  1. Julie

    I am looking for just the right shade of turquoise for my 3 year old’s room. I love your shade! Could you please tell me the brand and color? Thanks a bunch!

    • avordermark

      Hi – glad you like the color! It is Benjamin Moore Natura paint. The can says “Slow Dance.” But in case that’s not the right name, here are the numbers on the can:
      512 – 2X
      S1 0 x 2.25
      S2 0 x 13.0000
      B1 0 x 11.4375
      G1 0 x 7.3125

      Hope that helps! Happy painting!
      – Alyse

  2. Julie

    Thanks for the info, I was able to get it matched today!

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