Seeing Through the Junk Love

This week’s Junk Love is an old pair of windows. Yes, windows. Why windows? I’m not sure, but they are cool enough to have made the move from Peoria, Ill. to Detroit, Mich. to Minneapolis, Minn. to Phoenix, Ariz. to Portland, Ore. – and believe me, packing windows so they don’t break is quite a feat.

We’ve hung them up, used them as a room divider, and now they are just decoration in our dining room. Don’t know why, but we love them!



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5 responses to “Seeing Through the Junk Love

  1. You forgot to say they’ve been used to display fabu handbags!!! Didn’t you use them for the trunk show at your house? I love ’em, too.

  2. ooo you could paint the glass/hang fabric over it and use it as a dressing screen, if its tall enough?? I love them!x

    • avordermark

      Carrie – Unfortunately they aren’t tall enough, but that would be a great idea if they were! We did something similar with an old door – painted the window panes and used it as a headboard. It looked really cool. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I could really see these as a divider – nice find.

  4. Em

    OOh I would love these too! I have an old casement window frame too, have thought about adding cork at the back to make a pin board.

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