Handbags are Junk Love…Minus the Junk!

For my Junk Love today, I’d like to return to my love of handbags. I would say that handbags are my one real obsession. It’s honestly difficult for me to pass up buying a handbag when I really love it – especially when it’s on sale.

I’ve not gotten into buying vintage handbags all that much, but this beauty was impossible to pass up. I mentioned in a past Junk Love post a monthly flea market that is held in my small town. Well, I found this patent leather handbag for $2 – yes, $2! The inside says the brand is Koret, which after some online researching I learned was one of Jackie Kennedy’s favorite handbag brands during her reign as First Lady.

It is in great shape with only a couple minor wear areas on the corners. It came with a mirror in a satiny sleeve and a change purse on a thin gold chain – both seem to be original to the handbag. I don’t know if the handbag is worth anything, but my guess is that it’s value is above $2. But honestly, that doesn’t matter much to me – I just love the look and can’t wait to take it out on the town!

Until next week!



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2 responses to “Handbags are Junk Love…Minus the Junk!

  1. wow thats a bit special, same taste as Jackie’s! Some things just never date! You just reminded me of a bag I have for junk love.

  2. You pass on anything that is $2!! It’s so shiny and new looking!!

    xo Steph

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