Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Good morning, Lovers of Junk! Today’s installment is a collection of mirrors acquired over about 15 years. As I’ve mentioned before, my husband is also into “the junk” and was the one who turned me on it. He started collecting mirrors even before we met.

We’ve had some of these so long, that I can’t remember where each is from, but I know we procured them in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Oregon – sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that we’ve moved so much junk all across the country.

But what I love about all these vintage mirrors are the details that you don’t find on mirrors today, like the beveling, etched designs and fabric-wrapped wire on the back.

It’s great looking into the future through the past! (OK, corny, but I couldn’t resist!) Until next time!



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3 responses to “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. I love your wall of vintage mirrors. Have always been a bit jealous of it if I do say so. I had a vintage round mirror (a large one) hanging in my room when I was a little girl and lived with my Grammy. I just thought it was a dumb old mirror. Too bad I didn’t appreciate that stuff more then.

  2. thats a great idea for something you like! I was looking for a smaller one to lean up against the big in my junk love post. I like the idea of grouping them too.

  3. Oh they are wonderful and really work so well together!!!

    xo Steph

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