Pretty Little Pocket Notebooks

I was feeling a little crafty today and thought I’d do an easy paper project – a small notebook.

I bought a cute little notebook last summer at my favorite gift/home decor shop in Minneapolis, Patina. The notebook was made by Noi Publishing and has been a god-send when we’ve gone to restaurants where they don’t give the kids paper and crayons. My son and daughter have decorated most of the pages and now I don’t have any room left for my doodles, notes, and oh so very important information.

So it was time to make my own – and save a few dollars. So into the crafty paper drawer I went – this is a drawer where I throw miscellaneous ephemera with pretty patterns, pictures, colors, or whatever. I save a lot of stuff and am happy I finally used some! Today’s paper came from a booklet/brochure I had advertising Amy Butler’s fabric. I love her fabrics, so now I’ll get to look at some of them each time I use the notebooks!

Making the notebooks was simple. Here’s how I did it:

Cut plain sheets of paper and one cover to 7-1/4″ by 5-1/2″. I did this dimension because my stapler has a depth of 3-5/8″ and I wanted to be able to easily staple the sheets together. I put 10 pages in each notebook (folded to make 20 pages).

Staple the notebooks together in the center. Face the cover up when stapling so that the flat part of the staple is on the outside.

And fold.

Pretty and easy! So easy I made six of them. Is that overkill? Oh well!


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  1. Love it! Since Henry has also doodled in your notebook, maybe I should make one (or two or three) of these! 🙂

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