Another Junky Collection

I’m suddenly realizing that we have many collections around the house – and I like it! This collection of yellow pitchers was, once again, collected by my husband before we even met. He must have had lots of time on his hands before I came into his life!

None of the pitchers are Fiestaware, but several of them have “USA” on the bottom. One says “Bauer” and one says “Hiloak.” I don’t know much about those brands, but I love the shapes of them – especially put together in a collection.

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5 responses to “Another Junky Collection

  1. Pooh, back when I was so into pottery research I think I knew who made all of these pitchers, but now I can’t recall most of that info. The funny shaped one on the 3rd shelf down is a Westinghouse pitcher, I believe. I think they came WITH new refrigerators in the 50’s maybe? I think there might have been a matching butter dish that either came with or was available separately. My facts could be off a bit. The one on the very bottom (the cool round one) is a popular pitcher from the mid-century and I think it’s a Ball or Bauer??? Shoot, I can’t believe this one I can’t remember. It’s a pretty common collectible and I’ve seen it in lots of cool colors. You’d be able to identify this one pretty easily with a quick eBay search. The pale one right above it looks like it could be a Red Wing, but I’m only saying that because of the rings and the glaze color. Most of this collectible American pottery comes from the Ohio Valley region – Pennsylvania & Ohio areas, I think. That’s where Homer Laughlin is who makes Fiesta. I love this collection of yours. The fact that all the pieces are yellow makes it so charming!

  2. oo these are lovely! they look suprisingly very modern on the dark shelving, i like quirky little things like this and love how they can be re used and looked after once gain 🙂 xxx

  3. They are so funky!!! I don’t know which one I like more!! They look great on that shelf though!!

    xo Steph

  4. I have a deer planter that has HILOAK on the bottom is a pale green (olive maybe ) I never saw this name before ….this is the only place I found it (your collection) thank you

  5. I have a deer planter with HILOAK on the bottom ….. this is the only site I found that had anthing on it …..would like to know if it’s worth anything …I’ve had it for over 25 years …….in good condition ….thanks

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