Elsa Klensch Would Be All Over These

Does anyone else remember “Style with Elsa Klensch” – the fabulous fashion/style show that was on CNN on Sunday morning back in the 1980s? I loved her and the show – I read that it ran for 21 years! I can’t say that I’ve ever been a high fashion kind of gal in real life, but I sure liked to pretend I was a high fashion model when I was young – strutting up and down the family room with a swish in my hip!

Well, my daughter Ava, who is three, likes to dress up in her princess dresses and do fashion shows now – and I love it.

I came across the Danish designer Malene Birger and on her website she has a video of a recent runway show. I sat and watched it with my daughter and had flashbacks of Elsa’s show. Ava loved the shiny dresses, and I love the feminine pieces that are chic but not too couture. These are beautiful clothes that I think an average woman like me could actually get away with. But I’ll let the clothes speak for themselves…

all photos from Malene Birger (www.bymalenebirger.com)


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One response to “Elsa Klensch Would Be All Over These

  1. I LOVED Elsa Klensch! Isn’t it funny the things we find out we have in common? I also used to watch the show and pretent to be a model or designer or . . . something! I do remember that watching that show is what first made me interested in handbags because Elsa did a story about Chanel bags once. 🙂

    And those clothes are fabu! You’re right. They’re lovely but also simple and fun. They’d look really lovely on you.

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