Traveling Junk Love

Sorry about missing last week’s installment of Junk Love  – time got away from me. But I’m back this week with one of my favorites. I got this suitcase from my grandma about 10 years ago. My grandma is a total pack rat, and I was completely surprised when I asked her if I could have the suitcase and she said yes. I was living in Minneapolis at the time, and my grandma lives in Michigan so I had to bring the suitcase home on the plane with me.

I decided to use it as my carry-on – “How cool am I?” I thought! I got a ton of positive comments about it. People seemed to love the nostalgia.

The outside of the suitcase is some sort linen material with faux leather trim. The interior is blue satin fabric. And surprising there is no musty smell.

I just love this suitcase not only for its aesthetic, but because it was my grandma’s.



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3 responses to “Traveling Junk Love

  1. Oh I love that suitcase. It makes me think of traveling to far away places…

  2. wow, I really like the linen outside, its great! I’ve seen a few old suitcases and owned a few too but this one is lovely

  3. I *love* it – and yes very cool : ) What an added bonus there is no musty smell! Enjoy – its beautiful.

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