Jarring Up Junk Love

A couple weeks ago I shared the vintage suitcase I rescued from my grandma’s house several years ago. My grandma, as I think I mentioned, is a tremendous pack rat. Her home has always been filled to the brim with her “treasures” – most of which people would call junk. It’s funny to call it that now, since I’m part of the “Junk Love Club” – is history repeating itself? Dear Lord, I hope not!

But alas, this week’s addition to the club also has made its way from grandma’s house to mine. I asked my folks to bring me a collection of Ball jars from grandma – and boy did they! Thirteen jars – some clear glass, some green glass, some with screw top lids, some with lightening/level closures. But I must note that these 13 jars only make a small dent in grandma’s Ball jar collection. I remember being at her house as a kid and trying to count the jars she had placed on shelves that ran all along the ceiling as well as in cupboards in the bathroom and dining room. Her collection must have run into the hundreds. But I’m glad that I have this little piece of it. Thanks for sharing, grandma!

If you’d like to share your collections, join us in the Junk Love Club. Head on over to EmmaRoseArt and leave a comment and she’ll add you to the list. We’d all love to see your junk too!


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One response to “Jarring Up Junk Love

  1. great jars, they look good there
    grandma has a little treasure trove, doesnt she???

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