Reading into Junk Love

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a bit odd that even though I’m a writer by trade I don’t have an obsession with reading books; however, I do love books. I love buying books. Judging books by their cover – oh yeah! I think the aesthetic of books is wonderful. Don’t get me wrong…I do read the occasional book, but if I read all the books we had in the house, I’d be a super genius in everything from cooking to religion to warfare.

So going with that, I thought today I’d share a little vignette we have in our home.

Almost all the books on this bookshelf were acquired, mainly from antique stores, just because of the way they looked. We went for color. Top – green, Second – brown, Third – red, Bottom – black (with the exception of the cookbooks – nobody is perfect!) I wish I could say all our bookshelves are this organized. Maybe someday!

If you’d like to share your love of junk, we’d love for you to join the Junk Love Club. Click on over to EmmaRoseArt and leave a comment to be added to the list. It’s fun to see what the “club ladies” from all over the world share each week!



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4 responses to “Reading into Junk Love

  1. yes I agree, sometimes I look at books I’ve bought and think Oh well the front cover is nice!

  2. Del

    I agree, I love the look of old childrens books with the lovely illustrations – That is a nice collection you have displayed. Thanks for sharing

  3. Em

    Thanks for showing us your lovely books! Old books are quite magical aren’t they? Even before you open them to read the storey…..

  4. Em

    magic, old books!

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