Can’t Stop Thinking about Lighting

So my quest for the perfect dining room is close to complete.


My Dining Room

My Horrible Fireplace Mantle

All I need to do is:

  1. Finish the drapes. I’m going to add a foot or so of accent fabric to the bottom of the white IKEA drapes I bought.
  2. Paint the fireplace mantle. I can’t stand the wood. I know some people love natural wood and think it is a sacrilege to paint it, but since I dislike the look of this mantle so much as is, I’m going to do it.
  3. Better accessorize the mantle and new shelves. I’m not so good at accessorizing. We have lots of great stuff to display. I just have a hard time put it all together in a pretty and cohesive way.
  4. Put a light above the dining table.

So this leads me to what I’ve decided to write about today. Lighting. Unless we get an electrician to put in an overhead lighting socket, we’re going to have to find a nice, non-hardwired light to hang.

Decorated Paper Shade inside an Anthropologie Store

I saw this very cool lighting idea at the Anthropologie store near me. It’s a huge Chinese paper lantern that is covered with old book pages, photos and other ephemera. I think this would add a nice personal touch to the dining room.

Drum Pendant Light with Lining

A simple drum pendant light that is lined with wallpaper or other decorative paper would be lovely above the table.

Orla Kiely Drum Pendant Shade

Or perhaps a drum pendant that has a pretty exterior?

IKEA Knappa Pendant

I already purchased this IKEA pendant as a temporary solution – though I have yet to hang it. I think my husband thinks it will look cheesy, but perhaps he’ll change his mind after I put it up.

Hmmm. I guess I should just put something up and give it a try!



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2 responses to “Can’t Stop Thinking about Lighting

  1. I wonder if you could add the ephemera to the Ikea pendant light you already bought? I thnk I’ve seen that light before and the “petals” are a shiny plasticy kind of material, aren’t they? Or are they some type of paper/cardboard? You could decoupage book pages or whatever to each petal and keep the existing shape…or you could glue or tape the pieces to each petal but let it hang off, like the round ball at Anthropologie…but because of the already wild shape of the pendant, me thinks that would end up looking messy more than cool. But I do wonder if you could do something like that with it… I LOVE the new dining room by the way! I can’t believe I hadn’t asked you about it! That being gone all summer took my brain away!!!! 🙂 Maybe next time we get together the kids and I should trek out your way so I can check it out. 🙂

  2. PS – I ADORE your new dining room and can see why you want to change out your mantle. I like the way you have it accessorized (i.e., simply…) but before you paint it (have you already?) have you thought about looking for a salvaged mantle? A friend of mine found a UBER cool one at some salvage/vintage place…maybe the rebuilding center? Here’s an example of one gorgeous one. I’ve always loved the way you guys have mixed modern style with chic vintage things. And with your beautiful new table and chairs, a strong shape but antiqued looking mantle would be so gorgeous!

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