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Corralling the Magazine Obsession

Good Wednesday, friends!

Since I missed last Wednesday’s installment of the Junk Love Club, I thought I might share two pieces of my lovely junk today. Allow me to introduce two of my vessels for containing the dozens of magazines I have on hand at any given time.

This beauty was, once again, a find of my husband’s in the pre-Alyse phase of his life. It’s a lovely art deco shape made out of beech veneer. You can see that it’s not in perfect condition, with the scratch and dings on the front, but it is a very sturdy piece. I love that it has a handle so that you can carry it around from chair to chair easily. It’s just so pretty!

I found this little number at an antique store not too long ago. I had just been looking through Found Style and went on an antiquing excursion. When I saw this, it spoke to me. “Take me home,” it said. How could I resist such a such a cute wire rack?

Don’t forget to check out the other Junk Love Club members’ wonderful finds. If you would like to join us, hop on over to EmmaRoseArt and leave a comment, then we’ll add you to all our lists.

Have a wonderful day!



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Color of the Year in My Boy’s Room

I saw that Pantone has declared Turquoise (more specifically 15-5519) the 2010 Color of the Year. I don’t mean to brag, but I saw that coming. OK, not really, but I did paint my son’s room a nice shade of Turquoise last summer – much to the dismay of my husband.

Emerson, who is 6, helped me choose the color for his new room. We switched him to the former guest room, his sister to his old room, and the guest room to her old room – all because she out grew the crib and was in need of a bigger bedroom.

Anyhoo…my husband thought our color choice was not a good one. But I now feel vindicated as the all-knowing color authority has named it Color of the Year. Hubby was also a little hesitant at my choice to paint one whole wall with black chalkboard paint. I thought it would cool – thinking back to when I was a kid and loved playing school with my stuffed animals.

As it turns out the chalkboard wall doesn’t get used quite as much as I imagined it would; however, just last week Emerson played school with his newly-turned-3 sister and was teaching her the alphabet, counting to 100 by 1s, 5s and 10s – all by writing on the wall. He said he was happy that he’s the one who gets to teach her how to read. I’m just glad that he’s happy that he’s learning to read (It’s been a struggle).

Have you painted any colors on walls that others thought you were crazy for using? I’d love to hear your stories!


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Who Loves Junk? I Do!

I’m so excited to be a part of the JUNK Love revolution! In my first installment I’d like to share some “junk” that was actually found by my junk-lovin’ hubby.

My husband was the one who actually turned me onto antiquing – I use the term loosely since our idea of makes an old thing valuable is probably different than what some true antiquers think. I (and the hubby too) look for things that are sometimes functional, sometimes out of the ordinary, but always pretty in some way.

My hubby found this travel chest in Peoria, Illinois – which happens to be one of the best towns for affordable antiquing that I’ve ever been to. I love how the trunk has history with the initials painted on the side and the return address label.

We’ve used the trunk for storage – mainly blankets and the like. But sometimes for more intriguing objects…A friend of our 6-year-old-son’s came into the house one day and said, “What do you keep in the trunk?” My husband looked at me and said, “That’s where we keep Emerson’s brother.” The boy looked at him and then at me with a horrified expression. “Really?” “Yes,” I said. More stares. We let it linger for a an excruciating long 30 or so seconds. Then, “No, Emerson doesn’t have a brother. But if he did, we’d keep him in there,” hubby said. C’mon, get a sense of humor, kid!

Hope you like my JUNK! To see more junk, click on the links on the right for more Junk Lovers. If you want to be added to the Junk Love Club, just leave a comment, and I’ll add you to my list.

Happy Wednesday!


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Join the Junk Revolution!

Join the movement, be part of the club! Every Wednesday find a little time to indulge in a little junk luvin and share your photographs with us of your favorite secondhand pieces, your preloved treasures that fill your homes. Join me, emmaroseartwild things of noosa, and others and tell the world how in love with second hand style you really are.

If you too want to share your junk with the world, leave a comment, and I’ll add your link to my “club” list on the right. I can’t wait to see everyone’s treasures!


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My Design Style – Rustic Revival. Who Knew?

I have a habit of tearing out pictures and pages from magazines and saving them for way too long. And since it’s January 1st, I figured it was time to go through all the recipes, photos, design ides, etc. that I’ve been saving for a year.

I came across an article from the May 2009 issue of Sunset magazine that I saved that is called “One-click home design.” It lists three online decorating services that cost way less than that of a traditional interior decorator. One service, Sproost, is free. I like that price!

So I went onto the Sproost site and took quiz to see what my design style is. The quiz shows you multiple photos of rooms and you have to rate them as: Love it, Like it, Just OK, Don’t Like it, or Hate it. Based on my choices, I’m deemed Rustic Revival. I like it – or should I say I love it?!

Photo of "Rustic Revival" from LivingEtc.

“You are one of the unique individuals who loves a mix of modern and country. The clean lines of the modern softened by rustic /vintage elements is the perfect mix in your mind,” the explanation tells me. I really think that pegs me pretty well. I love modern styles furniture but couldn’t live without our antique store finds. I feel like a home needs a sense of history, even if it’s not necessarily your own. Does that make sense?

After taking the Sproost quiz, I was reminded of one of my favorite decorating books, Found Style by David and Amy Butler. (On a side note, I never realized that the book was written by Amy Butler who happens to be one of my favorite fabric designers.)

Found Style by David and Amy Butler

When I bought the book back in 2003, I fell in love with the style – modern pieces interspersed antique/garage sale/thrift store/flea market finds.

We’ve got a little decorating project in our heads for this year – changing our dining room into a “fish tank room/sitting room” and our little-used living room into the dining room. You can bet I’m going to be looking for “found style” inspiration this year!


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