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Finally, After Three Years…A Headboard

Yes, it’s taken me three years to make a headboard for our master bedroom. Yes, I had this same idea for a headboard for three years. Yes, I’m just that lazy or just that much of a procrastinator. Yes, it’s done and I love it.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just take way too long to make a decision about something. Like this silly headboard. I kept thinking that the perfect headboard, at the perfect price, was going to jump out at me. I found lots of headboards that I really liked but never pulled the trigger on buying them because I kept thinking I’d find one similar at a better price.

My husband and I agreed that we wanted an upholstered headboard. I’ve seen lots of tutorials on how to make them, but they have all required me to go to the hardware store and get a piece of plywood cut to order and then create a seemingly complicated system for hanging it on the wall. I like simple. The simpler, the better.

So last week I was in Michaels cruising around – without the kids – and went into the painting canvas aisle. I like to buy canvases just in case I ever feel crafty and decide to start creating collage art (I’ve done one and want to do more, but you know how it is). So while I was looking at the big canvases, I had a thought. “Alyse,” I said, “why don’t you buy three big canvases, wrap batting and fabric around them and hang them up as a headboard.” Why didn’t I think of that before? No need to cut plywood, no need to do a fancy hanging system.

Fabric is from the Revive collection by Art Gallery Fabrics

So that’s what I did. I bought three 24″ x 30″ canvases and a package of quilt batting for about $43 (the canvases were 50% off!). When I got home, I went into my stash of fabric and found a piece that was big enough to cover the three panels and that coordinated with our purple wall. I’m actually surprised that I had enough of this fabric to do the job, but I guess I was waiting for the right project to use it.

I cut out pieces of fabric and batting that were about 3 inches larger than the canvases on all sides. Used a staple gun to attach the material to the canvases and then screwed two picture hanging hooks into each panel. Easy.

The toughest part was making sure the nails for the panels were level. So if you decide to do this, just be sure you have a good level handy.

I can’t believe it took me three years to do this. It’s such a relief to have this project crossed off the list!



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A Whole Lotta Junk Love

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I missed last week’s installment of the Junk Love Club. Seems like life is pretty these days with school winding down and so many kids’ activities on the calendar. But enough of that. I’m here today to share my junk!

Since I missed last week, I thought that today I would share a whole vignette of junk that is in my home’s entryway.

I got this chair when I worked at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. At one point they were getting rid of a bunch of old office furniture for next to nothing. I saw this chair with a $5 price tag and knew I needed it. The cushion easily detaches so I’ve recovered it a couple times. This fabric was purchased in the bargain bin of a local upholstery fabric store for about $2. I figure for prices like that, I can afford to change the look on a whim!

The table is another pre-marriage find of my husband’s. It’s a cute little wrought iron table with glass top. There is a nick in the corner of the glass but I think it adds character – or that’s just what I tell myself because I’m too lazy to go get a new piece of glass.

The “vase” on the table is an olive oil bottle. It’s not vintage – we bought the olive oil at a little Middle Eastern market in town – but it has a vintage-y look that I like. It’s fun to fill it with fresh flowers!

Enjoy your week, my friends!

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Who Loves Junk? I Do!

I’m so excited to be a part of the JUNK Love revolution! In my first installment I’d like to share some “junk” that was actually found by my junk-lovin’ hubby.

My husband was the one who actually turned me onto antiquing – I use the term loosely since our idea of makes an old thing valuable is probably different than what some true antiquers think. I (and the hubby too) look for things that are sometimes functional, sometimes out of the ordinary, but always pretty in some way.

My hubby found this travel chest in Peoria, Illinois – which happens to be one of the best towns for affordable antiquing that I’ve ever been to. I love how the trunk has history with the initials painted on the side and the return address label.

We’ve used the trunk for storage – mainly blankets and the like. But sometimes for more intriguing objects…A friend of our 6-year-old-son’s came into the house one day and said, “What do you keep in the trunk?” My husband looked at me and said, “That’s where we keep Emerson’s brother.” The boy looked at him and then at me with a horrified expression. “Really?” “Yes,” I said. More stares. We let it linger for a an excruciating long 30 or so seconds. Then, “No, Emerson doesn’t have a brother. But if he did, we’d keep him in there,” hubby said. C’mon, get a sense of humor, kid!

Hope you like my JUNK! To see more junk, click on the links on the right for more Junk Lovers. If you want to be added to the Junk Love Club, just leave a comment, and I’ll add you to my list.

Happy Wednesday!


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Have you met my new friend? Lonny Magazine

I went through a deep depression when my favorite magazines (Blueprint, Domino, Cookie) closed shop. OK, deep depression may be a little exaggerated but I was pretty bummed.

Winter 2009 issue of Lonny Magazine

But I now have a new light in my life – Lonny Magazine. The first issue of Lonny was published in October last year and a second Winter 2009 issue in December. With 175 pages of great design, articles and photographs in the Winter issue, my yearning for magazines gone by has disappeared.

Lonny is strictly online right now, which does give them the opportunity to publish so much great stuff, but I do miss having a printed copy to lounge around on the couch with. Maybe they’ll do print runs in the future. In the meantime, I’ll just cozy up to my Mac when I need a design fix!

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