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Junk Love Movies

Good morning, Junk Lovers! Today I’d like to share my vintage 8mm movie projector and films. As I’ve mentioned before, when we lived in Peoria, Ill., we did lots of antiquing. This was one of our best finds ever!

Yes, the Kodak movie projector is cool, but the find of the close to 20 movies is even better. We have two cases full of home movies from a couple who traveled the world. When we first started watching the movies we felt like we needed to give the couple names – so we named them Helen and Walt.

Helen and Walt traveled a lot during the late 1940s and 1950s. The movies show them in places like Sweden, Canada, Mexico, France, California, and New England. They filmed a bullfight in Mexico (not my favorite but quite interesting), a fishing trip in Canada, and beautiful scenery in Europe. It is wonderful seeing these places through 1940s/50s eyes – the clothes, the cars. Unfortunately the films do not have audio, but I guess that adds to the mystique.

It’s a shame that Helen and Walt’s family didn’t keep these films in the family. I’d be devastated to lose such wonderful glimpses into my parents or grandparents lives. But alas, we now feel like Helen and Walt’s family – and we’ll never give up the films!

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